Pierre’s dream

This is the story of our dreamer and founder of PG Expédition Abitibi

M. Pierre Germain

My passion started, I must have been  8 or 9 years old, when a stray dog showed up at home. We kept it and it was the very first dog that I harnessed.

Then, a little over 20 years later, we found a dog that must have been 5 or 6 months old (Kelly) that was abandoned.

That’s when the passion came back. Since it was not optimal to run with only one dog, 3 years later, we bought 2 huskies (Chaman and Roxy).  It’s at that moment that I met Réjean Labbé, who had 6 sled dogs and that’s when I really started to harness dogs.

We moved to the countryside in January of 2009 so that I could have my own dogs at my house.  Réjean moved on to different hobbies so he decided to give me his dogs.  I wanted to share my passion with others so that is when I decided to offer sled dog rides behind my house.

I took part in many events such as the Carnaval of Dupuy, La Sarre en Neige, the Carnaval of Ste-Germaine, recreational school activities for many elementary schools in our area, etc…

I’ve been offering my services to people from the region and from the outside for a little over 12 years.

My racing beginnings :

The very first race for which I registered was in St-Pamphile … but, I learned that it had been cancelled when I got there.   When I refer to this race, I say that I brought my dogs in St-Pamphile so they could pee!

I took part in only two races so far: The first was a 50 km-race and the second was for 160 km.  These two races took place in La Marche in Lac St-Jean.

What the future holds for PG EXPÉDITION ABITIBI

I see this race becoming an annual event.  I am convinced that by offering interesting prizes, we will have the participation of Mushers from all over Canada and the States. And, while I am still here, this race will survive! If something should happen to me… I hope that you will pursue all this adventure for me.

* Pierre was told, a year ago, that he had pancreatic cancer. Despite the disease and the treatments, he is positive; he takes everything one day at a time.  All the different steps that surround the preparation for this race is very important for him. We will all be there, doing everything it takes so that he puts on this great smile and we see that twinkle in his eyes on the long-awaited day of the race.  Pierre is a great example of courage, determination and perseverance.  He is quite a character, a passionate and unique human being that all should get to know!

My little bit of happiness

This connection that I have with nature brings me an incredible sense of freedom and well-being.

When I go for a ride with my dogs or take care of them, I forget all my worries and I live in the moment. 

When I need a little boost of energy, I leave with my sled …… It’s the best therapy that I know of.

Join us!

Race registration


Registration deadline: February 1, 2022

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