Pierrot’s Chronicle #1
By : Webmaster
27 October 2021

All alone on his snow hill and staring at the land behand his house, Pierrot is bored; he has nothing to do.  This horrible Covid makes it impossible for him to see other people.  Even his dad is bound to work form home.  Suddenly, coming from the distant fields, a loud scream is heard : “ A-A…”

Of course, this brings Pierrot straight out of his moment of silence. Intrigued, Pierrot starts roaming the horizon and sees, coming out from the distant woods, two dogs that seems to be doing a little race. Questions start popping very fast in his mind when he realizes that there are other that follow and, what’s more, they seem to be tied together in pairs, one pair behind the others.  After a quick count, he counts at least 8 dogs, maybe even 10. The most surprising of all is when he sees, behind these marvellous creatures, a man, standing on a sled.  Another scream is heard: “ Hike! dogs, Straight ahead!” Suddenly, he hears another sound: “ Gee-Gee! ”.  Funny words! He must have heard wrong.  To his biggest surprise, the dogs seems to completely understand these mumbled words and turn right.  What a scene! Faster than he can say it, his “vision” disappears behind a little hill.  Immediately, silence comes back… Everything is gone; there is nothing.  This very brief sighting brings lots of questions in Pierrot about sled dogs.  So, realizing that the scene is really over, he leaves his post, what he considers his “stands”, to go find answers to his questions. The best way being, of course, to “google” the information on the family computer.

Pierrot would like to share with you his knowledge on the history of sled dogs and invites you to follow his quest in Pierrot’s Chronicles to learn more.

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